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I'm Luca Fabbri, I'm a (Web?) (Full-stack?) (Front-end?) developer at B-Open.

Automate your Slack A.F.K. status on MacOS

April 02, 2023

In our company we recently discussed the proper way we notify to collegues when we are away from keyboard. But I don't like boring tasks.

CORS issue due to aggressive Chrome cache

June 19, 2021

Quick analysis of a CORS issue that only hits Chrome.

Careful with that PageSpeed score, Eugene

November 29, 2020

Page Speed Insight and Lighthouse are now part of the modern Web workflow, and now that they integrate Web Vitals quality reports they are even more useful. But just do not blindly apply everything it suggest. Measure first.

"What's stopping you from coding like this?" - the Game

September 18, 2020

A recent Twitter trending post lead me to develop something, just for fun! Spoiler alert: maybe there's something serious at the end of the article.

Chrome for Web development: permissive CORS access and SameSite cookies

August 29, 2020

A big change has been pushed recently to every recent Chrome out there: an important change to SameSite cookies policy. How this messed up my development environment and how I fixed it

Reduce your bundle size by using static brotli compression

July 04, 2020

HTTP compression is a well-known web server configuration, but you can reach enormous benefit by switching to brotli. And pre-compressing offline.

How to execute CPU intensive tasks in your JavaScript application using Worker

June 20, 2020

The first rule of JavaScript Club: do not block the main thread.

A link preload issue with Google Analytics

May 07, 2020

How a common companion like Google Analytics can mess up your preload performance boost.

A walkthrough on prioritizing resources load using link preload

March 07, 2020

Using a "preload" link can be the Holy Grail for boosting performance on some applications, but enabling it is not so straightforward.

How to quit your early 2000 web hosting for Netlify and Gatsby

June 01, 2019

A story about how I moved away from a legacy (and expensive) mess of hosting service keeping some historical contents. And save €€€.