Saturday, March 19, 2011

IE6: a strong enemy, but at the end the Web is winning

Finally also Microsoft say explicitly that IE 6 has become a problem for the Web evolution. The reference site I'm talking about is The Internet Explorer 6 Countdown.

The problem is not a 10 year old browser, but is a 10 years old browser that for year simply didn't want to leave it's place as one of the most used browser, because if attached to the most famous operating system of the world: Windows XP.

Also this has been one of the most powerful enemy for web designers. What other program you know that has bugs so famous to have a name?! Bugs that aren't simply been fixed after a couple of day/weeks, bug stayed with us for years... until a next-generation release came out.
Ok, maybe IE 7 and IE 8 (and for what I read also IE 9) are not perfect, but Microsoft is moving on, in the right direction.

However... what is important now is this: also the browser creator say "this IE release must be terminated", and we have a good site where to monitor the status of it's agony.

I can't imagine all time, headache and money spent in the world to fix IE 6 behavior, or the old code that 3rd party library (as jQuery) still keep to maintain the IE 6 compatibility. I always defined IE 6 not as a browser, but as "a Windows Update client that can read HTML in the meantime".

If you can, do this: stop thinking about this browser.

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